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Godings Bay - West Coast
Platinum Coast Beaches Barbados
The Hostombe Family enjoy Beaches Barbados has at Schooner Bay and along the Platinum West Coast of Barbados.


Godings Bay - West Coast Welches Beach - South Coast Bathsheba (Aerial View) - East Coast Soup Bowl Bathsheba North Point


Platinum Coast Beaches Barbados

The beaches Barbados has, are many and varied, with beautiful beaches ideal for watersports.

The West coast, also known as the Platinum Coast, is where you will find the calmer, sandy shores suitable for swimming, snorkelling, jet skiing, kayaking and catamaran cruises. Access to our local bay, Godings Bay, is gained through a gate directly from the Schooner Bay pool area.

Schooner Bay Beach & Pool

The top main photograph is looking down our beach towards our local - Cobblers Cove Hotel, where a lovely rum punch can be enjoyed, and watersports are available. The photograph along the bottom of the page is looking back up the beach to Schooner Bay.

The South coast is a mixture of Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, here you will find sandy beaches protected by coral reef, with a more lively surf than the West coast but calmer than the East or North coasts. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, snorkelling and swimming.

The East coast has wide, windblown beaches and can have huge Atlantic waves. Swimming is not recommended along this coast as there are dangerously strong undercurrents, a few beaches can be found, for example, Bathsheba beach or Cattlewash beach, which have natural rock pools where swimming is safe close to the shore. Bathsheba is very popular with professional surfers as it is home to the "Soup Bowl" where local and international surfing championships are held.

East Coast Barbados

The North Coast is known for its panoramic and breathtaking views. At the most northern point, beaches are few and difficult to access. You will find many photo opportunities on this coast with the rugged cliffs and coastline. Ideal for walking and secluded bays provide idyllic picnic spots. The websites below gives information on which bays are suitable for picnics. Swimming is not recommended on this coast.

For full information on the beaches and their amenities around the coastline of Barbados please visit these two websites

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