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Barbados Sea Turtles
Barbados Sea Turtles
The Hostombe Family enjoy the fact that Barbados Sea Turtles nest on the beaches at Schooner Bay and the Platinum Coast.

Sea Turtles

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Barbados Sea Turtles

Barbados sea turtles that nest on the Platinum West Coast beaches are the four most common species in the eastern Caribbean

They are:

Most Hawksbill turtles in Barbados nest during the peak season between mid-May through mid to late October. However, nesting has been documented in every month of the year.

The Green turtles is currently believed that their nesting season is mid-May through mid to late October the same as that for Hawksbills.

The nesting season for Leatherback turtles in Barbados is between February and July.

At most platinum coast beaches you will find the calm waters and quiet shoreline are perfect for sea turtles to nest and lay their eggs. The fine coral sand beaches on which the nests or rookery are incubated by the Barbados sunshine, make it easier for the hatchlings to leave their nest and return to the sea.

We are delighted to report recent guests in our properties in July 2013 enjoyed the experience of a turtle swimming alongside them in the sea, and witnessing newly hatched baby turtles making their way to the sea from our local beach (Godings Bay) just yards from the complex.

For more answers to your questions please visit the - official website of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project would like to know about all types of sea turtle related activities which can include turtles on the beach nesting, turtle tracks or a nest on the beach (even if the turtle is no longer present), turtles wandering off the beach onto roads or into properties, disorientated hatchlings, hatchling tracks, exposed eggs in the sand, injured or dead turtles.

Turtle Hotline Phone Number: (246) 230-0142

"The Barbados Sea Turtle Project operates a 24-hour "Turtle Hotline". Coastal property residents and staff, beach-goers and visitors are encouraged to report any sea turtle nesting or hatching activity to the BSTP. BSTP volunteers are out patrolling the beaches on a nightly basis. However, we cannot possibly cover the entire island, nor can we be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, public calls are greatly appreciated and are valuable aids in conservation and research efforts. We cannot succeed without your help."

Turtle Hotline Phone Number: (246) 230-0142


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